The Union of Hematite and Malachite

  • $45.00

Hematite is mainly made of iron. The name Hema came from the Greek word meaning blood as the result Hematite is also known as a Blood Stone. Hematite has been used for many years as treatment for blood disorders.


Size: 19-inch


Wearing Hematite as a jewelry opens the doorway for positive energy to enter your life. Hematite is grounding, removes negativity, purifies energy, calming, improves mental focus, and stability.


Malachite is known as a stone of transformation. It has been known in ancient Egypt as a protective stone. The name derived from the Greek word Malakos meaning soft, but by no means the stone is soft. Malachite was also known as a Midwife stone due the protection and ease labor pains.


Wearing Malachite jewelry enhances courage, strength, healing from past pain, removes negative energy, balance, protection, support, soul reflection mirror, calming during travel, and assist in controlling emotions.


​The combination of Hematite and Malachite is magnetic!

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