The Union of Hematite and Tigers Eye

  • $45.00

Hematite is mainly made of iron. The name Hema came from the Greek word meaning blood as the result Hematite is also known as a Blood Stone. Hematite has been used for many years as treatment for blood disorders.


Size: 18-inch


Wearing Hematite as a jewelry opens the doorway for positive energy to enter your life. Hematite is grounding, removes negativity, purifies energy, calming, improves mental focus, and stability.


Tigers Eye is known as a balancing stone. The name derived from the similarity of the stone to the eye of a tiger or a cat. It was used as a protective stone for centuries. 


Wearing this jewelry restores balance, release fears and anxities, enhances creativity and focus, strengthen willpower and determination and boost energy.


​The combination of Hematite and Tiger's Eye is magic!

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