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The first wealth is health.

-  Ralph Waldo Emerson


We’ve had a very difficult year since the pandemic hit the world by storm in 2020. The communities around the globe are feeling the effects of grief and trauma from the substantial loss of lives due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Families are unable to visit their loved ones in a hospital, virtual funeral services ordered, media outlets bombarding tragic news continuously, which have been taking a heavy toll on our mental health. The lock down left many people out of jobs, businesses closing their stores unexpectedly, kids learning from home, adults working and learning remotely, face mask mandate escalated severe anxiety, fear and uncertainty. The aftermath of this pandemic is causing tremendous stress worldwide, and the goal is to stay sane by crating healthy outlets to release the confined emotions and frustrations that had been building for over a year. 


Briefly, we’ll discuss the seven pillars of optimum health and slowly begin to shift the curve to a healthier path. The objective is to be aware and implement a one step at a time action plan to change bad behaviors that jeopardize our health.

The 7 Pillars of Optimum Health:


1. Spiritual Health 

Most of the time we are too busy to take ten minutes a day to silence our mind and listen.  When we are disconnected from our natural being, we become anxious and overwhelmed to complete a simple task. When we are at a stage that we don’t recognize peace and harmony that is the time to reflect, reconnect, and reevaluate our true beliefs and values.

The best healing rituals for spiritual work include meditation, journal, prayer and breathing exercise.


2. Emotional Health 

The ability to bounce back from adversity, challenge and life altering events requires step-by-step work to strengthen the emotional muscle to deal with unexpected and unpredictable circumstances.

Share your problems with people you trust and love (inner circle). Do not allow those toxins poison your body. Asking for help is not a weakness in fact studies show that vulnerability is a sign of strength. The healthy way to develop emotional health is to deep breath, meditate, journal, gratitude, yoga, and unconditional self-love. Do the best you can to do at least one practice per day.


 3. Physical Health

The body must move to function properly and serve in the best way possible with much stamina, energy and flexibility. Our physical body was not created to sit still, it was created to move and clean out toxins. The motto for any new physical activity is “Baby Steps” and must be implemented to avoid injury according to your age and health.

Walking is usually the safest and simplest way to begin; however, if you have any health conditions consult with your doctor before you start an exercise program. Select a physical activity that you enjoy the most and maintain a healthy body weight based on your individual shape and size not by society standards.


 4. Dietary Health

Most of the time, it's extremely tough to change the behavior of bad eating habits or the joy of comfort foods during a pandemic. The aim is to implement a new action plan that is simple, inspiring, and motivating. The majority of people do not stick with a meal plan that is complicated, time consuming, countless ingredients and laborious preparation methods unless you’re a culinary enthusiast.

Food is medicine and maintaining a healthy balanced diet prevents disease, boosts energy, increases productivity, improves mood, encourages weight loss, and increases human life span. As we mentioned earlier breaking a bad habit is extremely difficult, as a result, we must find a strong virtual support group with the same goal and mindset eager to start living a healthy lifestyle.


 5. Social Health

To maintain your sanity especially during the pandemic, virtually socialize with people who can uplift, encourage, inspire, and support your spirit. Refrain as much as you can from negativity, conformity, and toxicity that can deplete creativity, energy, and inspiration. During this quarantine, technology came into our rescue via video chat include Zoom, Skype, Face time and many other platforms to connect and recharge with our loved ones. Maintaining a healthy relationship with people you genuinely love can positively impact your mental health. However, if you are not cautious at selecting your business and personal relationships, you might easily fall into gossip and drama that can drain your energy especially at this difficult time. In this digital era especially during the pandemic screen time is replacing human contact. Humans are creatures of social habits; however, COVID-19 completely altered the lifestyle from social contact to social distancing. The best way to have a healthy social life virtually at this time is to associate with positive, uplifting, supportive, and purposeful individuals who can bring out the best in you.


 6. Occupational Health 

Work and life balance had been difficult to maintain especially in this fast pace digital era.  The responsibility of daily tasks, meeting deadlines, wearing multiple hats just to stay a float have been taxing mental, emotional and physical health.  We cannot be effective at work or at home if our energy is depleted, and we are not fun to be around if we are barely functioning. Women in particular are notorious in this subject matter willing to give themselves freely until their tank is empty. As they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Ladies, you must make time to relax, meditate, exercise and unplug from everything and everyone.  Do not feel guilty to take time for your health especially mothers, just remember the airplane Oxygen Mask Rule, place the mask first before assisting others, an essential skill to master.


 7. Mental Health 

The ability to expand our minds through creative ideas, reading, writing, learning new skills, enrolling in an online workshop, conferences or courses, joining book clubs etc.  Allowing the mind to go wild and free can sometimes be dangerous if not monitored properly and fact checked our thoughts. We have to allow enough space for adventure, growth, discovery and transformation. Find creative ways to stimulate the mind, be curious and full of imaginations. We must consciously select the contents we feed our thoughts. Avoid toxic information that can poison your mind.

​Wellness is a lifestyle, and we are in this journey together. Obstacles are inevitable, but we must understand that with the right mindset and support system, we can continue to sour as eagles.                       


 Always remember
 You are Braver than you Believe,
      Stronger than you Seem, and
            Smarter than you Think.
~ Christopher Robin



 Health Thrives In Unity





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